There is risk involved in the use of any electronics device containing rechargeable batteries. By purchasing and using equipment sold here you agree to take full responsibility and liability for its use. Legit Vape Co Limited and/or any associated entities cannot be held responsible for any harm or damage caused by the use of its products.



An understanding of battery safety is critical to your safety as a vaper. Misuse or improper handling of High Discharge Lithium batteries can cause serious harm.



Staying within the CDR (continuous discharge rating) of your batteries will greatly reduce the risk of failure and increase their life span.

For unregulated devices calculate current draw based on coil resistance and battery voltage (under load) using ohms law and ensure you do not exceed the CDR of the batteries being used.

V (volts) ÷ R (resistance) = I (current)

Eg. 3.7v ÷ 0.15ohms = 25Amps

For regulated devices, the coils resistance has no effect on how much current is drawn from your batteries. To calculate the current draw and select appropriate batteries perform the following calculation.

Watts ÷ number of cells ÷ cell cut-off = Current drawn from each battery cell

Eg. 100w ÷ 2 cells ÷ 2.5v = 20Amps

Note that the cell cut off limit is different for every mod (2.5v-3.2v) and this makes a large difference so research is required to ensure your calculations are accurate. If you cannot find this information for your mod use 2.5v to be on the conservative side.

You’ve most likely heard many times that regulated mods have many safety features built in and will not let you do anything wrong. This is not entirely true so please keep yourself safe by understanding your devices and batteries and not exceeding their limitations even on a regulated mod.

Only use high quality, high discharge 18650's. Avoid rewraps and clones as these tend to be overrated.

We recommend following Mooch's recommendations on batteries. This link will take you to his EFC blog post where you can access his current test results chart which is updated regularly. Mooch's battery chart



Charge new batteries fully (to 4.2V) before first use.

Do not charge batteries unattended.

Always store batteries in case when not in mod.

Do not remove the battery wrap, if the wrap is damaged replace it immediately or replace the battery.

For multi cell devices ,always marry pairs/sets of batteries from new - charge together, use together.

To charge batteries use only your DNA powered Mods or high quality battery chargers, preferably ones with digital readout so you can check if voltages match and charge evenly on your married pairs.

Do not store batteries fully charged or fully drained. If you plan to not use them for a while drain to 3.6-3.7v first.

Do not expose batteries to extreme heat or moisture.


Pass on your knowledge to new vapers and help keep everybody safe!